Life Path Astrology Reading® with Karen Smith

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Life Path Astrology® is a powerful tool to help answer some of your biggest questions around your life path and soul's work. In this private 1:1 reading, Karen will answer your questions around your life path to help you gracefully move through soul contracts using Astrology. 
This is a private reading. Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF with a link to schedule your reading along with information she'll need to run your astrological birthchart.

• What life challenges you came here to work through that will lead you to your Divine Mission!

• What your natural gifts + abilities are so you can use them strategically to create a soul-based business around your Soul's Brilliance

• What problem you came here to help solve and how to heal your karmic debts
• What Ancestral Gifts you came here with and how to use them in your work

• Who your Kismet Client® is and what they are desperately searching answers for

• What products + services to offer your Kismet Clients® so they keep coming back for more

What your “secret sauce” is and when/how to pull it out of your hat at just the right time

• The key to your staying motivated to build your soul-based business so you never want to give up! 
Karen Marie of WildlingWays is part of the ‘woke’ tribe with an interest in spiritual pursuits, travel, health and all things herbal. She is here to help those who are seeking a more conscious way of living and being and that are just starting out on their path of self discovery.

She has a degree in Herbal Medicine and a lifetime of experience delving deep into the self knowledge tools of development. Always coming from a heartfelt place and with enthusiasm and a positive outlook on life, she is able to help raise our own vibration so that we can reach our full potential in this lifetime.

"Working with Karen is transformative, inspiring and truly an experience. She is someone who has a great compassion and enthusiasm for this realm of knowledge and wants her clients to thrive passionately! I think about our session constantly and I talked of gifting these insights to others as a gift of confidence and the extra push for them to pursue their dreams."

"After my reading with Karen I felt so relived! I've been constantly questioning my path and if my hearts desires were my intended path. She explained everything so well moving through my chart with such clarity and warm energy, in such an easy to understand way. I not only feel so confident in my true path, but I'm now aware of the small things I've always felt held me back. Just by being aware of those placements has giving me a new freedom to move forward in my path. I woke up this morning so confident in my work and was even just given a new opportunity from my employer! I'd deeply recommend a reading for anyone feeling a little lost!"

"Karen was extremely knowledgable and provided a lot of insight about my birth chart and what I am here to do in this life. It was very informative to learn what each part of my birth chart means and the corresponding energies. I would recommend Karen to anyone looking for a birth chart reading."

♡ To learn more about Angel's Life Path Astrology® methodology using your astrological birthchart as an incredible tool to build a soul-based business, please check out the Life Path Astrology® Podcast available on iTunes and Spotify.
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