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Greetings Seekers of Wisdom,

I'm excited to unveil a hidden world of ancient traditions and esoteric knowledge, passed down through the ages to those who wish to make their earthly existence a sacred and transformative experience.

For over three decades, I've delved into these natural ways, uncovering profound healing for both chronic and acute conditions. Everything I've learned will be shared in-depth within the realms of The Occult Chateau.

The Occult Chateau isn't merely a name; it's the essence of our beautiful sanctuary in Saint Petersburg, Florida.
Here, we:
  • cultivate our own food — grow herbs, vegetables, fruit, plants, bees, and more
  • engage in DIY projects that keep life fun and educational
  • get design-happy & curating our sacred space
  • craft magical elixirs and healing potions to be well
  • and create a haven for learning, growth, and evolution, all nestled within a library of occult knowledge
I've envisioned a space where I can unveil the secrets of living in harmony with Natural Law and share the transformative rituals that have helped me become the best version of myself each day.
Alas, The Occult Chateau was born.

Within these sacred doorways, you'll discover:

DIY Self-Care: From crafting your own self-care potions to nurturing your mind-body-soul with foods & sundries easily found in your refrigerator, we'll explore simple elixirs that mend the gut, rejuvenate the skin, and reawaken your cells.

Sacred Spaces: Drawing from years spent in Los Angeles working alongside prominent interior designers, my decorating inspiration will be unveiled. Explore photos of enchanting vignettes, sacred altars tucked in nooks, flower-adorned and statue-accented spaces both indoors and outdoors, often sourced from antique shops, thrift stores, and Etsy! I’m literally obsessed!

Herbalism & Ancient Healing: At the heart of The Occult Chateau, I'll introduce you to my treasured herbs and flowers, sharing their energetic qualities, healing potential, and best applications. It's my desire that you, too, fall in love with this timeless tradition of nourishing yourself with nature’s gifts.

Magick: We'll delve into the world of magick, where crystals, candles, lighting, and scents are the tools for creating an environment that alignment with your intentions. Healing requires the right mood, and I'll guide you through harnessing the power of the elements, astrology correspondences, celestial bodies, and more.

This are just a glimpse of the profound subjects we'll explore at The Occult Chateau.

Prepare to embark on a journey that empowers you to reclaim your life, save resources, and embrace the sacred traditions of our ancestors who harmonized with the Divine and studied with nature as their master teacher.

I invite you to subscribe and embark on this transformative journey with me. Your path to ancient wisdom and healing awaits.

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