life is a rite of passage

live accordingly

Preparing herbal products alchemically since 2010

Enhancing wholistic healing using the archaic principles of western occult traditions 

Dedication to deepening connection to self with esoteric teachings

Providing educational services, e-learning and books offered online & in-studio

Honoring life as a rite of passage within and without  

Commitment to the individuation process via conscious aesthetics and intentional living 


Archaic Zine

Archaic is a thoughtfully curated monthly e-publication designed and crafted to align with the zodiac seasons for individuals committed to the archaic revival that is taking place in our world today. Each issue is filled with esoteric wisdom, rituals, and insights that honor humanity's divine nature.

Our exclusive zine is only available by monthly subscription.

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Welcome to our esoteric marketplace.

We revere the rites and rituals of Western Occult Traditions, paying homage to archaic times where esoteric knowledge, wholistic healing, and objects with past lives were respected and willfully crafted. Join us in our movement to bring back the sacredness of life and our divine magick.



By honoring the celestial cycles, we align our lives with the rhythms of the universe, finding harmony and balance in every moment.


Mental Alchemy: How to Work with Talismans & The Principle of Polarity

Mental alchemy, a cornerstone of Hermetic philosophy, involves the transmutation of negative thoughts and emotions into positive states, akin to turning lead into gold.

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