Live Accordingly

The Only Master is the Heart

Wisdom, rooted in the heart's knowing, is seen as essential for effective magick, as it dispels doubt and leads to genuine experiences. The key to this transformation lies in deep learning, questioning, and embodiment, all processes guided by the heart. 

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Uncovering Your Alchemical Constitution

In a world dominated by the mind, many are disconnected from their hearts, hindering their journey of self-discovery and perpetuating judgment, hate, disconnection, and dis-ease. Through solitude and inner reflection, it becomes evident that the heart holds a profound wisdom inaccessible to the busy mind, offering a quietness that requires tuning in and listening to truly understand oneself.

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Sacred Waters: Nurturing the Soul for a New World

Through a return to our inner garden and an embrace of elemental teachings, particularly the soul of water, readers are guided towards reclaiming personal responsibility and transforming water into a sacred force. By recognizing water as a fundamental ingredient for life and purifying its essence, the pathway to existence in a new paradigm is unveiled. 

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