Founded in 2021 by Angel Quintana, The Occult Château is an extension of the Sacred Anarchy movement with its headquarters in Saint Petersburg, Florida. The Occult Château is a brick and mortar shop and online destination dedicated to deep thinkers, spiritual explorers, and initiates of the mysteries. 

The Occult Château by Sacred Anarchy is an esoteric sanctuary and mystical experience. We offer mystery teachings, altar & decor finds, alchemical elixirs, and gently used wearables. As advocates of holistic healing and individuation, the collectibles are always reimagined and our remedies are ritually-crafted with a blend of organic herbs, oils, flowers, extracts and free of endocrine disruptors.
Life is a sacred rite of passage. Live accordingly.




Angel Quintana (22 December 1975 – present) is an American philosopher, writer, and occultist serving as publisher of HolisticFashionista.com since its inception in 2012, founder of Sacred Anarchy Mystery School and The Occult Château. She is a leadership mentor to spiritual leaders and long-time student of esoteric psychology, holistic health, and astrologer of 30+ years. Quintana gained initial recognition at the turn of the 21st century as a grassroots Los Angeles indie fashion designer and later published metaphysical works including The Energy of Perspective after working herself to exhaustion, prompting her to attend natural medicine school where she studied holistic health, detoxification, nutrition, herbalism, and the medicine of nature.

At the beginning of the twenty-first century she founded Sophia Cosmology and later, leading The Rise of Sophia Private Membership Association with its roots in occult science and esoterica. Other influences include the works of: Philip Gardiner, Michael Tsarion, Mark Passio, Neville Goddard, Terence McKenna, Rudolf Steiner, Manly P. Hall, Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Jordan Maxwell, Franz Bardon, Bruce Lipton, Alice Bailey, Israel Regardie, Eliphas Levi, Larkin Rose, and Friedrich Nietzsche.

In the beginning, more metaphysical-oriented phase of this movement, Quintana attempted to find a synthesis between astrology and the individual's true purpose on Earth. Her metaphysical work of these years, which she termed "Life Path Astrology®", sought to apply the intuitive abilities of all beings seeking to answer the traditional philosophical questions, "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?", which ultimately lead to identifying the Who, which she refers to as a kismet client®.

Angel Quintana

In a second phase, beginning around 2017, she began studying the depths of the ancient wisdom teachings, anarchy and true freedom, focusing much of her studies on the Tarot, Alchemy (and its relationship with the Endocrine System), Hermeticism, and Qabalah’s Tree of Life and the Qliphoth, recovering that each of us is a unique esoteric technology with running programs bogging down our "hard drive" due to extensive exposure to propaganda, hormonal imbalances caused by environmental toxins, and misuse of the Classical Trivium.

In the third phase of her work, beginning in early 2020, Quintana worked to establish various practical applications of New World leadership, including Sophia Rising Leadership Training and The Mythic City Method to mature our internal “phantoms”, align to One’s Divine Will, and ultimately, embrace self-rulership.

Quintana advocates a form of leadership based on higher levels of consciousness to which she later taught specifically to spiritually-minded movement leaders. She based her spiritual philosophy on Inner Temple Magick, Qabalah & The Qliphoth, and the concept of Sophia, taught in Gnosticism but with her own twist claiming that "a purified psyche generates true intelligence and activates One’s Sophia Light… is the way to master thyself, align to One’s Divine Will, and help shape a New World". It is in the integration of the lower and higher faculties that activates One’s magick and dissolves reliance on sorcery - forced action.

A consistent thread that runs from her earliest metaphysical phase through her later esoteric findings is the discovery that in order to live out One’s Divine Will, you must serve your kismet clients®. A kismet client, found in the 12th house of your astrological birth chart, is a metaphor for the part of Oneself that requires a mirror in order to “see”. By serving your kismet clients, the deeper parts of your psyche are revealed and that is where healing and ascension cross paths. As taught in the Sacred Anarchy Teacher Training, it is also where the Master Teacher within is brought to light.

In the Spring of 2024, Angel opened “the meeting place” of her movement in the heart of Saint Petersburg, Florida and named it The Occult Chateau, where she houses everything that has helped shaped the living woman she is today. There you will find a library of occult books, antiques and altar finds, clothing, alchemical elixirs, and mystical goodness. Angel’s philosophy is attuned to “Life is a rite of passage. Live Accordingly.” When you evolve spiritually, the world changes naturally.