The Occult Secrets of Healing

In our quest for health and wellness, we often find ourselves navigating a complex landscape of medical modalities, each offering its own unique perspective on healing.



May 23, 2024
The Only Master is the Heart

Wisdom, rooted in the heart's knowing, is seen as essential for effective magick, as it dispels doubt and leads to genuine experiences. The key to this transformation lies in deep learning, questioning, and embodiment, all processes guided by the heart. 

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The Magician's Quest for Truth

The magician's quest is for Truth and the rejection of beliefs in favor of direct knowledge. With the introduction to the concept of the "real trivium" as a process of acquiring knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to uncover one's true Divine Will, the magician is required to face discomfort, confronting programmed beliefs, and embracing the unknown.

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High Priestess and The Trivium

Magick is your birthright, yet most people have no idea what magick really is or how to use their own. In fact, the majority of people are walking this planet allowing others to control their minds — and thus, controlling the outcomes in their lives. When someone or something is controlling you, you give away your magickal rights.

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