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The Magician's Quest for Truth
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The Magician's Quest for Truth

Since the popularity of propaganda in 1920s, thanks to a man by the name of Edward Bernays, the world has become a place where rhetoric is more valued than logic.

As discussed extensively in Module 8 of the Inner Temple Magick Academy, the Trivium is an important and mandatory step on the path of the magician.

The soul purpose of the Trivium is to get to the truth — but with the world filled with propaganda, the truth is never revealed.

In place of Truth, persuasion, control and manipulation are used to emotionally mind control the population in order to get man “to believe” (not to know) the rhetoric.

But the magician knows that the only way to truly succeed is to BANISH BELIEFS, and know Truth intimately.

The process of getting to Truth is known as the real trivium: knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

These three steps, pursued in this order, is the key that unlocks the magician’s primary purpose which is to uncover his true Divine Will.

Your Divine Will is your true purpose and the only way to get to know your true purpose is to get to the truth.

Who you are and why you are here are the two most valuable questions man can ever answer for himself, but in order to get to the answers of these questions one must endure the real Trivium.

The first step is to recognize that the classical trivium (the abuse of rhetoric) has downloaded a virus into the mind of man causing him to “believe in something” without swimming in the Abyss.

You will never know Truth without the Nightside.

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Are you ready to get to know the truth behind who you are and why you are here?

If so, you must be willing to swim in the dark womb of the Abyss and endure the Nightside of Eden, face your triggers, shed light on programmed beliefs (that are not truths), and admit you were wrong.

The Nightside is an uncomfortable place for those who identify with their ego, for the ego hates to admit he was wrong or “I don’t know”.

The truth is a humbling experience reserved solely for those who desire to walk the path of the magician.

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I'm Angel, a practicing occultist, herbalist, holistic health practitioner, and mystery school teacher based in Saint Petersburg, Florida. I'm incredibly passionate about the alchemical process known as The Great Work and helping others evolve the archetypes found in their mythic city so they can confidently answer the questions: WHO AM I and WHY AM I HERE.

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