Alchemical Constitution Private Session & Herbal Blend

Discovering your Alchemical Constitution is a personalized approach to wellness and esoteric understanding, designed to empower you as your own self-healer. Through this process, you'll uncover the three fundamental alchemical ingredients—Salt, Mercury, and Sulphur—that form the basis of your unique Alchemical Constitution.
Each of these elements holds profound significance in alchemy, representing essential aspects of your physical, mental, and spiritual being.
By understanding and harmonizing these elements within yourself, you'll gain valuable insights into how to optimize your health, enhance your well-being, and make your spiritual growth a priority.
This journey towards self-discovery and healing is a transformative path towards unlocking your full potential and embodying a state of balance and vitality through the ancient traditions of Western Occultism.


An Alchemical Constitution refers to an individual's unique Elemental makeup and energetic balance, which profoundly influences their overall well-being and vitality.
It encompasses the elemental composition of their essence (sulphur), energy (mercury), and form (salt), reflecting their inherent strengths, weaknesses, and predispositions towards certain health, mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions.
+ By understanding your Alchemical Constitution, you can tailor your lifestyle, diet, and holistic practices to heal yourself, address imbalances as they arise, and ultimately, become a self-ruler.
This esoteric approach recognizes the interconnectedness of your physical, psychological (emotional), and spiritual bodies, empowering individuals to take proactive steps towards becoming their own self-healer.

PRIVATE SESSION - 60 minutes

To determine your Alchemical Constitution, we will gather together over a private session (in-person or via Zoom) where I will go over how the process works and what you can expect to gain from this incredible, esoteric healing modality.
We will go through your questionnaire together to uncover your 3 Alchemical Elements, as well as take into consideration the Elemental findings in your astrological birth chart.
+ This session is 60 minutes and is offered in-person at The Occult Chateau in Saint Petersburg, Florida or virtually over Zoom.
Once we have identified your 3 Alchemical Elements, you will have a better understanding of how to adjust your current lifestyle and diet to begin working with your Alchemical Constitution on a daily basis.

CUSTOM HERBAL BLEND - 20-day supply

This service also includes a custom Herbal Blend designed to begin peeling the layers of your esoteric healing journey. While your Alchemical Constitution is the pinnacle of how to live within your body, you may currently be experiencing symptoms you'd like to begin healing immediately.
The Custom Herbal Blend can be used to restore your Alchemical Constitution or it may be used to work on an existing ailment (acute or chronic), which may have a "constitution" of its own.
+ Regardless of the intention, the goal with the custom Herbal Blend is always to help bring you back into your natural rhythm and cycle associated with your Alchemical Constitution.
To enhance the effectiveness of this alchemical elixir, designed to heal and repair your esoteric technology, I recommend taking one day off each week, allowing the herbal medicine to seamlessly integrate into your body without building tolerance.


This service is the initial step to becoming a client of The Occult Chateau and taking advantage of the alchemical medicines, elixirs, and education offered here and inside the Sacred Anarchy Mystery School to help you become a self healer and ultimately, a self-ruler.
+ When you know your Alchemical Constitution, you're better able to make informed decisions about which medicines, elixirs, and teachings are best suited for your alchemical make-up and your goals.
Upon checkout, please allow 1-2 business days to receive an email with a link to the Client In Take Form. This form has the initial questions I will need answered so I may gather more details about YOU, any symptoms you are experiencing, and your astrological information to better prepare for our private session.
Once your Client In-Take Form is submitted, you will be prompted to schedule your 60-minute private session with Angel via email. Please allow 1-2 business days for Angel to reach out to schedule.
If you have any questions, please email so we can assist you.
* You will need your date of birth, time of birth, city-state-country of birth.
I hope you're ready for this incredible experience as you'll officially embark on a personalized esoteric healing journey that is sure to change your life!



Alchemical Herbal Infusions are created by using 1-2 tablespoon of herbal blend by boiling water into a glass quartz mason jar and letting it steep with the lid on for at least 10 hours (overnight is recommended).
If you have any underlying medical conditions or are taking medications, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using any herbal remedies and/or if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. However, most herbal remedies do not interfere with medications and can assist in pregnancy.
Your custom herbal blend will be packages in a 4.5 oz comes in a sustainable paper resusable bag and contains 20 servings.
This listing is for (1) private session consisting of 60 minutes and a (1) 4.5 oz customized Herbal Blend stored in resealable food grade paper bag. 20 day supply. Reorders of your custom blend will be available in a separate listing at a reduced cost. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Before using your herbal blend medicinally, I had to stay in bed 11-12 hours...

Angel, I am happy to report continued improvements in overall energy levels. My energy is measurably improved since beginning this regimen. It is worthy of note, I am going through sleep cycles due to having to urinate at night. For 2-3 nights I get 3-5 hour shifts for avtoral of 8 hours sleep. Then for 3-5 nights it changes to 2-2.5 hour shifts for a total of 8 hours sleep.

Before using your herbal blend medicinally, I had to stay in bed 11-12 hours to barely get through the day, with a 1 hour nap! Now 25% less sleep, no desire for a nap and I am going strong from 4 am to 6pm daily!

So it is it time to renew my order as prescribed. Please advise as to how to effect this.

Also, there are times when I wish I had something to help me to relax and to sleep better when my mind is over active. Can you help me with that as well?

Thank you for your kind service.

My doctor told me not to come back!

For 7-8 days, I have been ingesting a cocktail of herbal tea designed specificly for me by Angel. I am 76 (yesterday), have been taking Eliquis for a blood clot in my heart for 10 full months and have had a marked decline in kidney function (about 20%) with noticable unpleasant side effects. I also have had above normal white blood cell count for a year.

I have experienced measurable relief in nature calls through the night by 25-30% less. Also, my abilty to empty the bladder has improved daily, so I am now wetting like a Russian racehorse! My energy is increasing measurably by the day as well.

I just returned from the Oncologist who had examined my blood under the microscope on a smear slide as well as typical blood tests. The result is astonishing. My blood cells are completely normal with no evidence of cancer markers at all. Further, my white blood cell count is back to normal again! He told me to "keep doing whatever I am doing to make myself healthy and don't come back unless I actually need him."

I intend to do just that. We will know soon if the clot in my heart has dissolved. My goal is to discontinue the use of the eliquis and the atorvastatin for cholesterol because the other life style changes have resulted in a 30 pound weight loss and a cholesterol level far less than 84 from last June, I am certain.

Thank you Angel for your kind consideration for this old carpenter. I am grateful, beyond words.

Tara Hagye
Sense of ease!

Creating a custom blend with Angel created a sense of ease in my life, knowing I have someone in my corner that has immense wisdom and gifts to assist me in my obtaining my desired energetic state. I enjoyed the attention to detail, the incorporation of my birth chart, and the influence of my current symptoms in the process of creating a custom blend, Total Eclipse of the Heart. I desired assistance for chronic stress, overwhelm, dysregulation and general state of misalignment. It's been 1 month and I feel replenished again. I'm able to work with more ease towards my desired alignment and healing from the inside out. Thank you Angel!



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