The Chrism Ritual - Healing Activation & eBook

THE CHRISM RITUAL - Healing Activation & eBook
About The Chrism Ritual: This might be the most important page you ever read on the internet if you’re looking to change your life, heal your mind-body-soul, and elevate your experience with life.
This is the foundation to magick.
The Chrism Ritual is an esoteric healing activation that works with the cosmological forces that take place in the heavens 13 times per year.
In this ebook you will learn:
  • What astrotheology is and why it’s the key to unlocking doors within your being
  • What the sacred seed is and how it can help you repair your subconscious programming, heal your physical ailments, and realign you to Natural Law
  • How the upper and lower brains work together to facilitate deep and lasting transformation
  • The allegorical story that will change your perspective on sacred texts and how to decode and extract their esoteric knowledge
  • What the pineal gland and thalamus gland have to do with healing and their important role in activating your magick
  • A step by step ritual to perform every single month to preserve your sacred seed
  • And so much more!

This is the foundation to all my work here at Sacred Anarchy and how I have been able to heal a 25+ year battle with a chronic skin condition and severe anxiety, and reimagine my life, attract my divine counterpart, and live a life as a high magician following her true life path.

Please take your time with this ebook and read it several times. It may take some effort to grasp the concepts presented, but I assure you, every second you invest in this ebook will be the greatest investment in transformation you will ever receive.

Do yourself a favor and get this ebook today. You deserve to be happy, healthy, and magickal. It is your birthright.

47-page pdf

PART 1 : What is Astrotheology
PART 2 : The Sacred Seed
PART 3 : The Real Calendar
PART 4 : The Tree of Good & Evil
PART 5 : Sin & The Anti-Christ
PART 6 : The Higher Faculties
PART 7 : The Chrism Ritual
* Also included in this eBook is a bonus moon ritual.



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