Elixirs by Mystics

Sacred Anarchy collaborates with partnering brands and movement leaders who are dedicated to raising the frequency of the world.

Your custom elixir is the perfect gift for returning clients, introductory offer for new customers, to be used as a giveaway to attract your kismet clients®, to throw in a goodie bag at a live event, and so much more!

Our elixirs are frequency medicine.
This means, all of our elixirs go through a magickal ritual prior to shipment. We believe intentionality is the key to sacred and healing potions and our hope is you'll notice the high vibration infused into your sample and your wholesale orders.

As an Elixirs by Mystic partner, you’ll receive (1) custom elixir based off a short questionnaire to let us know about your movement and what kind of elixir would works best for your needs, what your favorite scents are, and chosen base ingredient.

Elixirs come in 3 sizes:

Ritual Sprays, 2oz (spray top) base: crystal-charged water and witch hazel
Scents, 15mL (roller bottle w/ lid) base: carrier oil
Ceremonial Oils, 1oz (dropper bottle) base: carrier oil


To take advantage of this collaborative product and opportunity to feature your elixir inside the Sacred Anarchy Temple and showcased throughout our platform, below are the requirements:

1. Your movement must be helping to shape the New World.

2. Your mission and code of ethics must be in alignment to Sacred Anarchy: To help raise the vibration of our world.

3. You understand you are not obligated to purchase additional elixirs (your sample). However, should you decide to purchase your elixir in bulk, we will supply you with a wholesale discount code prior to ordering.

4. You understand there is no profit-sharing or affiliate commissions. Whatever you sell on your channels is yours to keep and vice versa.

5. Wholesale orders on your custom elixir are only eligible to be placed in 10+ bundles. A custom coupon code will be supplied to you when you are ready to place your order (after you receive your sample elixir).
6. Your elixir will be featured on our temple under Elixirs by Mystics.

You understand, this partnership agreement is for (1) sample.

*** Should you want changes to your sample, you will need to purchase another sample.

Once your elixir sample is ready to be shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking information.



Raise your vibration by creating vignettes throughout your space.

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Our curated collection of elixirs and aesthetics are designed and chosen to aid in deepening your connection with your Self and with spirit.


Our philosophy is founded on the principle that no one is you and that is your power. We believe your aesthetics should reflect your inner world.


Healing naturally requires a touch of magick, which is why our elixirs are handmade with soothing frequencies and good vibes.


Our products are an extension of our philosophy that your vibration is the key ingredient to the creation of the New World.