Mythic City Introductory Private Session

Unlock the doors to your divine purpose and let opportunities flow effortlessly as your Will activates. In the realm of your Mythic City, you embody a multitude of archetypes, each contributing to your unique "city dwellers." From master teachers shaping your ruling class to decans facing the trials of growth and ascension, your experience with life and personal magick depends on how you navigate your mythic realm.
In this introductory private session, we focus on your first Decan intertwined with your Ruler, the sky overseeing your city's creation. Purify your vision and approach by tending to your Ruler, setting the foundation for your Mythic City's growth or decline. The Mythic City Method comprises nine sessions, and this offering marks the beginning of that journey.
Over 60 minutes via Zoom, explore your Ruler and its master teachers, with the opportunity to upgrade to the full program. Schedule your session by purchasing and await Angel's email for setup details within 24 hours (weekdays).
+ Ready to become the Master of your Mythic City? Lay the groundwork for its prosperity or potential decline. This offering is the initial step in The Mythic City Method, a 9-session process.

Get ready for a mystical ride into the magical heavens where your Mythic City resides and where you will uncover your True Will! 
♡ This session is 60-minutes and is held over a Zoom Conference call. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
The steps and guidance was profound!

The most amazing discovery for me was finding a whole team of "supporters" that I just needed to tap into that I was not aware of. Once these came to light the steps and guidance was profound, simple and to the point. Angel has the most comforting energy although when need she calls me out which I love. This maintains my focus and stops me going off into tangents and round in circles. Angels gives me space to listen to explore my intuition and begin trusting in what I feel. I would recommend this course to others as it uncovers another layer into discovering your inner workings that are clear to see once you know where to look. Energetically the acceptance of your truth releases layers in the most amazing way through visual representations that I interpreted through my own lens.

I had so many breakthroughs it's hard to pick just one!

I had so many breakthroughs it's hard to pick just one, but probably the biggest breakthrough was realizing there were many parts to my journey/self that were not being integrated. MC helped me get a bird's eye view of the "city of self" - of what I couldn't see because I was too close to it. This is what Mythic City did for me -- to help me understand and see more clearly all the pieces of me so that we could put them together and apply them to my life and help me start taking action in a way that aligns with my soul. Angel you are an AMAZING facilitator - compassionate, always listening and offering ideas when needed (and they were needed!) You have an incredible ability to see through things, interpret what we're trying to say (when we don't even know what we're trying to say!) and work them out and come up with revelations that are hard for somebody to see on their own. Your facilitation and partnership through the MC is what helped me get to the breakthroughs!

I would Absolutely recommend the MC for others, as it truly helps you to understand yourself so much deeper than most have ever gone. You wouldn't think by interpreting images and concepts that are unique to you could bring you such insight into what you want to bring forth, what's important to you and what might be holding you back. Every session I had an a-ha! of something I didn't realize I was dealing with emotionally and spiritually- bad and good - that helped me to step back and see things more clearly. It's pretty much a masterclass about YOURSELF with the best teacher and guide in the world! xo

Tara Hagye
My life is forever changed!

My life is forever changed! The Mythic City within had been waiting for me to explore them. This process has brought me grace and clarity by leading me to innerstand what these energies need and desire, to create a harmonious life. Acknowledging, accepting and working with my energetic support team has helped me to understand that even the undesirable aspects are simply asking for recalibration. I am confident I have the support within me to become the leader I'm destined to be.

Angel is the perfect guide for this healing method. She is kind, loving, patient, passionate, and dedicated to assisting in my evolution and leadership. The method is led by your own unique perspective on life and her guidance and ability to hold a safe space, assists in the evolution of seeing the bigger picture. I am forever grateful for Angel and this method.

I would highly recommend this life changing healing modality to assist anyone who is at odds with aspects of themselves, who wants clarity on the energies they're here to embody, desires a more defined vision of who they'd like to serve and how, and wants to create the life they know they're destined for. This is a process of knowing yourself more deeply and is the key to unlocking your path. With this awareness you are able to practice compassion for self with the support of your team. You already have everything you need inside of you.

Valerie Moilov
I’m grateful for her insight and for truly creating some thing so unique and truly life-changing.

The biggest breakthrough within the method was that I have the ability to truly heal myself, mind, body and soul. For so many years, talking to a therapist, he focused on the negative parts of me, and how they made me feel, but in this method, I really truly understood that some of the not so positive traits and not so positive attributes are actually in my city to keep me safe and help me be decisive and how I navigate myself in this world. Also gave me a greater understanding to who I am, to whom I want to be, and the actual gifts that I have to help others. This process made me more confident in truly engaging with my inner dialogue and trusting myself. Really understanding how to safely and confidently navigate myself without all the outside noise.

Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better facilitator of this method at all. The way that she made me feel safe to be vulnerable is some thing I’ll truly cherish. I’m grateful for her insight and for truly creating some thing so unique and truly life-changing.

I would absolutely recommend this method to others. This method helps you kind of get out of your own way and help you truly understand why you put yourself in your own way in the first place, hopefully that makes sense. I feel like there’s so much outside noise and so many people telling you how things should be done whether it be from society or what you see on social media, and this particular method really helps you engage with yourself and the inner workings of you. No two people will experience the method exactly the same because it’s not made that way. This method is completely customizable for whomever is going through the process it’s not some cookie-cutter program or everybody’s going to have the same outcome. This method is completely tailored to you and how you engage with this process.

The mythic city method has been revolutionary for me!

The mythic city method has been revolutionary for me in understanding more deeply myself, my gifts, my shadow and my life's work. Its also practical rather than just being esoteric, which I love. Its poetic, philosophical, artistic, creative, and practical and instructional. I am grateful for all you have put into this exquisite teaching Angel.



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