Life Path Astrology Reading® with Ana Poirier

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Life Path Astrology® is a powerful tool to help answer some of your biggest questions around your life path and soul's work. In this private 1:1 reading, Ana will answer your questions around your life path to help you gracefully move through soul contracts using Astrology. 
This is a private reading. Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF with a link to schedule your reading along with information she'll need to run your astrological birthchart.


• What life challenges you came here to work through that will lead you to your Divine Mission!

• What your natural gifts + abilities are so you can use them strategically to create a soul-based business around your Soul's Brilliance

• What problem you came here to help solve and how to heal your karmic debts
• What Ancestral Gifts you came here with and how to use them in your work

• Who your Kismet Client® is and what they are desperately searching answers for

• What products + services to offer your Kismet Clients® so they keep coming back for more

What your “secret sauce” is and when/how to pull it out of your hat at just the right time

• The key to your staying motivated to build your soul-based business so you never want to give up! 
Since 1999, Ana Poirier, the founder of Yoga Body Nutrition, has been using the healing modalities of yoga, Ayurveda, health coaching, energy work, bodywork, essential oils, inner inquiry, and Taoist principles in her workshops, retreats, classes and private practice. Committed to guiding others on their unique path towards positive evolution and feeling aligned and amazing from the inside out, she uses both in person and online platforms to reach more people and touch more souls.

She’s the co-author of the best-selling book "Turning Points", and creator of the Divine Diva Detox, which leads women through a customized mind, body, soul journey towards their alignment, truth and divine feminine essence.

Ana is grateful to have worked with A-list celebrities internationally, as well as her homebase on the Central Coast of California. In her off-time you can find her hiking, dancing, enjoying the ocean and feeding her addiction to the local farmers markets.
"I'm so glad I decided to do a Reading with Ana. She was able to offer me a view of my core self, through a clear lens, untainted by years of life; and her reading was dead-on accurate. It's difficult to put into words how empowering, validating, supportive and inspiring it was (and continues to be) to get confirmation through such a clear aerial view. Using her reading as an additional life tool, I'm able to move forward into this next phase of life focusing on my whole health, and some specific areas of physical health; to help strengthen and expand the foundation for life moving forward, and to further embrace the whole of who I am in doing so. Thank you so much Ana." - Cheryl G.

Wowww! Amazing to listen to and so in-depth, thank you so much Ana, truly was so spot on, and things to work on!
Thank you
– Katie V.

Couples Reading
"Oh my gosh you are so sweet!! We loved our reading, and definitely have been making comments like 'oh that's your Cancer moon showing' hahaha! It was super informative, and a great experience:) Thank you again:)" - Dena E.

“Ana is a beautiful woman who brings color and texture to life itself. With graceful wisdom, she guided me to feel more fully alive. As a result of her coaching, I am more grounded and more vibrantly hopeful as this new season of my life begins to grow wings. I am truly grateful for her encouragement to soar. Blessings Ana.” – Lauren Lash – Studio for Fitness & Healthy Aging

“Working with Ana was amazing! I have some new tools now and really was able to identify areas of my life to pay attention to – I love how Ana incorporates essential oils and movement into her work! Thank you Ana!” – Jane Ashley

♡ To learn more about Angel's Life Path Astrology® methodology using your astrological birthchart as an incredible tool to build a soul-based business, please check out the Life Path Astrology® Podcast available on iTunes and Spotify.
♡ Want to become a certified Life Path Astrology Reader®? Click here.