Life Path Astrology Reading® with Essenia Elena Karvouniaris

Life Path Astrology® is a powerful tool to help answer some of your biggest questions around your life path and soul's work. In this private 1:1 reading, Essenia will answer your questions around your life path to help you gracefully move through soul contracts using Astrology. 
This is a private reading. Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF with a link to schedule your reading along with information she'll need to run your astrological birthchart.

• What life challenges you came here to work through that will lead you to your Divine Mission!

• What your natural gifts + abilities are so you can use them strategically to create a soul-based business around your Soul's Brilliance

• What problem you came here to help solve and how to heal your karmic debts
• What Ancestral Gifts you came here with and how to use them in your work

• Who your Kismet Client® is and what they are desperately searching answers for

• What products + services to offer your Kismet Clients® so they keep coming back for more

What your “secret sauce” is and when/how to pull it out of your hat at just the right time

• The key to your staying motivated to build your soul-based business so you never want to give up! 
Essenia guides warm hearted Wisdom Keepers & Healers for the Earth, who struggle with making peace with their soul´s past experiences, to heal the relationship with the Divine & Gaia, so that they can create a new pure cycle of love, fiercely & sensually BEing their own medicine & expressing the beauty of their essence.

One of her core values are, protecting & loving the purity of light here on Earth.
Besides her 13 years professional studies in Osteopathy, specializing in Biodynamic Osteopathy, Naturopathy and several energy medicine educations, she has been initiated in reclaiming her own healing power, through experiencing sexual trauma on an early age.

"own your medicine" is the frequency of her mission, she received from her guides - remembering the own sovereign BEing on all the levels (physical, mental, emotional,spiritual)
Integrating & embodying guidance & messages, are core values of her work.

She calls herself a devotee to love; practicing to walk the path of clearing the own energy system, as well as the body temple and BEing home in the own frequency; She owns a private practice in Bonn, Germany where she honors & lives the power of touch as medicine.

Besides, she creates space for an online healing temple, where she serves people worldwide with her medicine, in the form of readings, holistic consultations, rose ceremonies & initiatory courses such as "Sacred Ground".

♡ To learn more about Angel's Life Path Astrology® methodology using your astrological birthchart as an incredible tool to build a soul-based business, please check out the Life Path Astrology® Podcast available on iTunes and Spotify.
♡ Want to become a certified Life Path Astrology Reader®? Click here.



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