Mystery School

Step into the core of The Occult Chateau with a warm welcome to the Sacred Anarchy Mystery School—the birthplace of it all! This is the haven of aeon leaders, a hub for study, meetings, collaboration, growth, and evolution.
Within the Mystery School, you'll unlock a treasure trove of certifications, training programs, classes, and teachings, empowering you to elevate your role in shaping the New World to new heights.
Welcome to the heart and soul of occult knowledge and transformative learning!
A brief list of what teachings are available to students of the mysteries:
+ Life Path Astrology Reader® Certification
+ The Inner Temple Magick Academy
+ Sacred Anarchy Teacher Training
+ The Mythic City Method
+ The School of Thought
+ The Rise of Sophia Library
+ The Great Rebirth Series
+ Sophia Rising Leadership Training
+ Creed > Greed Workshop
+ Karma's A Niche Workshop
+ How to Write a Sacred Text Workshop
+ Skin Spirituality
+ Heal Yourself & The World with Chiron Workshop
+ Solar Return Workshop
+ The Celestial Body: Jupiter & The Liver
+ The Kismet Client Academy
+ 28-day Kismet Client Challenge
+ Sophia & The Phantom Workshop
+ The Shadow Self Workshop
+ Becoming a Divine Resource Workshop
+ Raise Your Vibration with Herbs & The Major Arcana Workshop
+ How to Host a 5DTV Channel
+ Lilith: Temptress of Desire Workshop
+ And so much more!
Embark on your sacred mystery journey by becoming a self-ruled member of our Private Membership Association!
As an official member, you'll unlock exclusive benefits including: access to our monthly private meetings, the opportunity to connect with influential leaders, how to invest and enroll in the exclusive trainings (mentioned above), and the chance to explore the profound depths of your true purpose and existence.
Join us in this transformative experience!
Include this product in your cart, and upon checkout, you'll receive a downloadable PDF containing instructions on scheduling your private meeting with Angel via Zoom. In this Zoom session, she will guide you through what to expect as a member, addressing all your questions. Once this insightful meeting concludes, you're officially in!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
your knowledge that opens so many doors...

Happy Anniversary on The Great Rebirth Series and such a life shaping and transforming experience. YOU nailed it, and it is a great look into your knowledge that opens so many doors and leads to awakening, downloads, revelations, enlightenment, healing, a feeling of gratitude and relief, empowering and intriguing. I'll stop there even though I could keep going on, but I don't want it to turn into too much cheese. haha great job.

Another teaching by you that has knocked my socks off!

Wow Angel, finishing up the Chiron course and another teaching by you that has knocked my socks off. The tarot and house elements clarified the next phase of my movement…something I’ve been asking about for 2 weeks now. My 11th house is activated and it relates to emotionally maturing, healing and following spiritual guidance. My Chiron in libra, (natural law, truth) shows how important exposing the deceit of immediate gratification relationships is to my movement.

Super freaking cool 🧿

Thank you for your healing circle

Thank you for your content; it reaffirmed everything I'm reading and studying right now. You framed the challenge of not speaking your truth brilliantly and offered a very clear and concise formula to begin taking small steps. The challenge I've found is being consistent in standing in the new identity, especially when your health, environment, and relationships remind you of your old self. Therein lies the challenge. With gratitude.

Daniel O'Dell
I found a home that I've been searching for

When I found Angel Quintana I had been searching for at least the last 2 years for my people, for my purpose what my calling was what direction was I going to go in my life how do I learn to manifest and keep what I manifest and not lose it who am I and where did I come from what is this place searching out there learning all about the occult from the outside through the conspiracy channels and the truther movement still kind of stuck in some religious ideas in Old patterns and behaviors and addictions desperately wanting to know the inside and i the truth I had wanted to separate from the entire system for a while , and knew that was the only solution and was looking at sovereignty and to find balance in my life. I have found that through the sacred Anarchy mystery School inside that school I had discovered the inner temple Magick Academy, the amount of knowledge that is available to me and just about any direction that I can possibly want to see including initiation the tarot magic ancient history Shadow work complete knowledge of how to heal your body through natural magic and through inner work and being drawn to a healing path this inspired me, the great reverse series called me, and for good reasons because in that course you get an inside look into the mind of Angel Quintana and the work that she's done and the history of this place and us the rulers the psychology what Satanism actually is mind control all about the dark psychologists the world the balancing of your brain your emotions internal dialogue knowledge of self-deception lower self enslavement all about how we are trapped in the Babylonian money magic system and much much more I found a home that I've been searching for I found access to more knowledge than I can even grasp at this moment and it over it end at times it can almost be overwhelming, Angel is always been there to answer questions to guide me to point me in the right direction I have actually been able to heal myself from one of my addictions already I've learned parts of myself that I had no idea existed and I see hope for me and this world and a path to get there that I wouldn't have found without her the school the inner temple Magic Academy the great reverse series and much more I'm using the natural magic I'm learning to try to heal me and my family and other people that I know that are seeking healing it's been a blessing in my life, if you have that void or you've been looking at the things like I've been looking for then this is the place I have not regretted it once I'm encouraged and in Hope and we need good leaders in this movement I am currently striving to become one.

Tara Hagye
I highly recommend this if you are just starting and need direction

I really enjoyed the Kismet Client Challenge. It has opened up my connection with my kismet client and expanded my awareness of who I am meant to serve. This process assists you in knowing how to create, engage, connect, and grow with conscious attention, meaning, and service, so that you may help others and live your purpose. I highly recommend this if you are just starting and need direction or you'd like to deepen your connection with your clients to serve them in a more meaningful way.



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