Red Rose

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Elevate your spiritual and wellness practices with our premium Red Rose Dried Herb. High quality, organic and dried to preserve its vibrant color and potent aroma, these red rose petals are perfect for ritual baths, magick, and altar decorations. 
Known for their emotional healing properties, our dried red roses can also be used in herbal teas, skincare routines, and meditation aids. Infuse your rituals with the timeless beauty and powerful energy of red roses, and experience the profound sense of love, passion, and tranquility they bring.
Other usage for Red Rose:

Altar Decoration and Offerings: Red roses are commonly used to adorn altars in spiritual practices, symbolizing love, passion, and devotion. They are often offered to deities or spirits as a sign of reverence and to invoke their blessings.

Ritual Baths: Adding red rose petals to a ritual bath can help cleanse the aura, attract love, and promote self-love. The petals' fragrance and energy can enhance the ritual's intention and create a soothing, luxurious experience.

Magick and Talisman:
Red roses are potent symbols of love and can be used in spells or charms to attract romantic love, strengthen existing relationships, and promote passion. Dried petals can be included in sachets or talismans.

Emotional Healing: The scent and beauty of red roses can uplift the spirit, ease feelings of sadness, and provide emotional support. Roses can be used in aromatherapy, either as essential oils or in dried form, to promote a sense of well-being and balance.

Skin Care: Rose water or rose-infused oils can be applied to the skin to hydrate, soothe, and rejuvenate. The natural astringent properties of roses help to reduce redness, inflammation, and acne, promoting a healthy complexion.

Meditation Aid: The presence of red roses during meditation can enhance the practice by creating a calming and focused environment. The roses' energy can help open the heart chakra, allowing for deeper emotional and spiritual connections.
Symbolic Art and Craft: Red roses can be used in various arts and crafts to symbolize love, beauty, and transformation. Creating rose mandalas or incorporating petals into artwork can infuse pieces with their powerful symbolism.

Gratitude and Appreciation: Giving red roses as a gesture of gratitude or appreciation can convey deep respect and admiration. This act can be a powerful way to strengthen bonds and express heartfelt emotions.

Herbal Tea: Dried red rose petals can be brewed into a fragrant herbal tea that offers numerous health benefits. Rose tea can help relieve stress, improve digestion, and provide a gentle, natural detox.

Dream Work: Placing red rose petals under the pillow or in a sachet by the bed can enhance dream work and promote peaceful sleep. Roses are believed to protect against nightmares and help recall dreams more vividly, aiding in dream interpretation and spiritual insights.

Comes in a 25mL reusable glass bottle.