Hormone Harmony Herbal Blend

Size: 1 Pack
Hormone Harmony Herbal Blend: The Symphony of Balance

Discover Hormone Harmony, a meticulously crafted herbal blend designed to harmonize and nourish the intricate dance of your hormones. Immerse yourself in a transformative journey that addresses a spectrum of hormonal challenges, promoting well-being from the inside out.

Embark on a journey of hormonal equilibrium with Hormone Harmony, a revolutionary blend crafted to transform your well-being. This life-changing elixir combines nature's finest organic ingredients, including Oatstraw, Peppermint, Chamomile, Nettle Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Red Clover, and Lemon Balm. Each herb plays a vital role in supporting the endocrine system, reducing bloating, promoting weight loss, and addressing a spectrum of hormonal challenges.
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Unlock the power of botanical wisdom to alleviate PMS, anxiety, depression, and other hormone-related imbalances. Hormone Harmony is not just a blend; it's a holistic embrace of vitality, empowering you to reclaim balance and thrive in harmony with your body.
** Works beautifully with the Vesica Piscis Yoni Steam and with the Taming The Dragon Detox & Healing Guide.

Key Benefits:

Balanced Hormones: Nourishes the endocrine system, sexual organs, and womb.
Reduces bloating and promotes weight loss. Supports peri-menopause and menopause transitions.

Estrogen Boost: Alleviates symptoms of low estrogen, enhancing overall hormonal balance. Addresses PMS, painful menstruation, hot flashes, anxiety, and depression.

Comprehensive Wellness: Addresses a range of symptoms, including sudden weight gain or difficulty losing weight. Targets acne, digestive issues (constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas), and hair loss or thinning.

Emotional and Mental Support: Eases fatigue, mental fog, irritability, mood swings, and sleep deprivation. Relieves headaches, migraines, and low sex drive.

Physical Well-being: Combats muscle weakness, aches, tenderness, or stiffness.
Addresses sensitivity to temperature changes (cold and hot).

Emotional Stability: Alleviates symptoms of depression, anxiety, and nervousness.

Fertility & Reproduction Health: Also supports fertility and reproductive health.

Healing Ingredients:

Organic Oatstraw (Avena Sativa): Rich in B-vitamins and minerals, supports nervous system health, combats fatigue, and promotes emotional well-being.

Organic Peppermint Leaf (Mentha x Piperita): Aids digestion, relieves bloating and gas, enhances mental clarity, and provides a refreshing flavor.

Organic Chamomile (Matricaria Chamomilla): Calms anxiety, promotes better sleep, and soothes digestive discomfort.

Organic Nettle Leaf (Urtica Dioica): Rich in vitamins and minerals, supports hormonal balance, and addresses fatigue and hair loss.

Organic Dandelion Leaf (Taraxacum Officinale): A natural diuretic, supports liver health, eliminate waste, and aids in digestion. Dandelion leaf is a natural diuretic, promoting detoxification through the kidneys.

Organic Red Clover (Trifolium Pratense): Contains phytoestrogens that mimic estrogen, helping balance hormone levels and alleviate menopausal symptoms.

Organic Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis): Calms the nervous system, reduces stress and anxiety, and supports better sleep.
In a quart-size mason jar, use 1 heaping tablespoon and fill jar with boiling hot water. Allow herbs to steep for 10-14 hours. Do not refrigerate while steeping. This is considered 1 serving. Drink daily.

Embark on a journey towards holistic hormonal balance with Hormone Harmony Herbal Blend. Crafted with precision and care, this blend brings together nature's gifts to empower you on your path to well-being. Revel in the harmony of balanced hormones, radiant health, and emotional vitality.

Comes in an 4.5oz resealable food grade paper bag. 20 servings. 

Customer Reviews

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Adina Isebelle Ravenswood

Apparently I’m starting perimenopause—I went 70ish days with no bleed. Less than one week of brewing this blend daily and I started bleeding! Now I’m back to my normal cycle. I love my period and I'm not ready for it to end at this point. Whatever the imbalance, this blend will shift you. Plus it’s fun to drink, especially when I leave the loose herbs in the quart jar as I drink it. So fun!



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