Sacred Anarchy Book - Paperback

SACRED ANARCHY: How The Great Work Creates a New World by Angel Quintana
About the book:
Just because man-made laws govern the culture of society does not mean they dictate the fate of our world, on the contrary. It is man who understands Natural Law and learns its infrastructure who will reshape the fabric of our reality, and ultimately, create a New World. Whether man knows or believes so, he possesses an antenna that sends and picks up signals. He who is a slave to his lower self desires possesses a weaker signal and therefore, is cut off from to his higher faculties. So long as man remains a slave to his primitive obsessions, he will have no choice than to use force and manipulation to achieve his goals and even then, they are not guaranteed or granted.

Through the alchemical process of calcination, man can purify his field to increase the strength of his signal. This is what The Great Work is all about and those who embark on this path will see how the creation of a New World is not only possible, it is Divine Law. This essay breaks down the importance of strengthening the signal of your antenna by removing egregores, developing night vision, and purifying the elixir of life — it is then the Divine Mind can accurately understand the spirit of the signal and produce the desired effect.

160 pages



Chapter I: Night Vision
Egregores, Lower Self, Calcination

Chapter II: Idolatry
Babylonianism, Satanism, Luciferianism

Chapter III: The Great Work
The New Age Movement, Tetragrammaton, Fire Sacrifice, Self Mastery

Chapter IV: Anima Mundi
Sophia, The Celestial Bodies, Daimons

Chapter V: Tree of Life
Spheres and Paths, Shells and Tunnels, Purification

Chapter VI: Inner Temple Magick
Alchemy, Divine Will, I AM

Chapter VII: The Philosopher’s Stone
Mythic City, Know Thyself, Self-Governance

Chapter VIII: Natural Law
Law of Cause and Effect, The New Government, The Care Principle

Chapter IX: Individuality
Owning Your Voice, The Great Practice, Guidance

Chapter X: Life Path Astrology®
Kismet Client®, The Gatekeeper, Karmic Wound

Chapter XI: Be the Change
Congruency, Strategy and Action, The Antenna



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