Solar Eclipse Astrology Reading

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Let's be real... The Aries Solar Eclipse was intense and for some of us, even more intense than we ever expected it to be.
Now that the *big day* has passed, we've entered into the rebirth phase of our next great era.


The Aries Solar Eclipse herald a potent energy of change and rebirth as we stepped into a new era. Symbolic of the fiery and dynamic energy of Aries, this eclipse signifies a period of:
+ initiation
+ courage
+ forward momentum
+ It's prompting us to take bold actions, embrace our individuality, and assert our desires with confidence and assertiveness.
+ This eclipse invites us to embrace new beginnings and venture into uncharted territories, shedding old patterns and embracing a fresh perspective.
+ It symbolizes the ignition of passion, drive, and ambition, urging us to pursue our goals with fervor and determination.
Like the dawn of a new day, the Aries Solar Eclipse illuminates the path ahead, inspiring us to embrace our authenticity and lead with courage and conviction.
As we navigate this transformative energy, we are called to tap into our inner fire, harness our inner strength, and pioneer a path of self-discovery and personal growth.
+ It's encouraging us to take risks, break free from limitations, and embrace the spirit of adventure.
+ It's reminding us that change is inevitable, but with it comes the opportunity for renewal, growth, and the realization of our true potential.

ABOUT THE READING - offered until April 11th only

Introducing our Solar Eclipse Astrology Reading (written), your personalized guide to navigating the cosmic shifts and embracing the winds of change!
With this insightful reading, we'll dive deep into the celestial energies surrounding the recent Solar Eclipse, pinpointing exactly how it impacts your life.
+ Using your astrological birth chart, we'll unveil which area of your life is most profoundly influenced by this cosmic event, providing invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
+ It will offer expert guidance on esoteric practices tailored to your unique astrological makeup, empowering you to harness the transformative power of this celestial phenomenon.
Whether it's meditation, ritual, or magickal work, we'll help you tap into the hidden potentials and navigate the cosmic currents with confidence and clarity.
As we explore the themes illuminated by the Solar Eclipse, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the profound shifts unfolding in your life.
+ From relationships to career, from personal growth to spiritual evolution, we'll uncover the key factors shaping this next chapter of your journey.
+ And most importantly, we'll reveal why embracing these themes is crucial for your growth, fulfillment, and alignment with the cosmic flow.
Don't let the winds of change catch you off guard – arm yourself with the wisdom of the stars and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.
Order your Solar Eclipse Astrology Reading today and step boldly into the next chapter of your cosmic adventure!
* This reading is written and will be delivered in PDF format. Please allow up to 7 days to receive.
** Please input your date of birth, time of birth, city/state, and country of birth in the NOTES BOX at checkout.

Customer Reviews

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Ursula Duffy
Solar Eclipse Astrology Reading - Comprehensive & Helpful

I had a very profound experience with this particular eclipse, and needed some guidance in addition to my own knowledge. It's always helpful to consult a colleague, and I appreciate Angel's offering and perspective. She covered all the basics and so much more in this reading. I especially appreciated the multidisciplinary approach, summaries and the Esoteric Best Practices sections. Thank you for offering this, Angel.

Daniel O'Dell
The eclipse reading

Angel is truly magical a deep clairvoyant again showing an amazing ability to read me and my chart, the insights I gained about myself or spot on in every way through the chart the exact challenges my struggles the current things I'm working on down to a T even involving my family people I work with finances emotional mental directions I was looking at in my spirituality my movement along with Solutions and clear directions on how to resolve the problems also an opportunity for more guidance and help in areas where I might need it. This reading was absolutely worth it and insightful and I'm inspired to know that there's an opportunity to evolve and grow with real solutions.

Olivia Dzumaga
Insightful & Clarifying

The reading helped me focus on areas of my life that were calling for attention during this eclipse. It led me to clear action steps to follow through on after identifying the themes that were highlighted. I would highly recommend getting a reading from Angel and her profound insights.


I am grateful to have found Angel. I have been able to find more clarity within which in turn is giving me an opportunity to grow. She is an honest and beautiful soul.
I am growing everyday and I have found trust in flowing with the universe. I highly recommend Angel as she introduces you to tools that may help you on your journey. She has a unique way to help guide that allows you to work through your shadows and find your power within.



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