The Occult Secrets of Healing

In our quest for health and wellness, we often find ourselves navigating a complex landscape of medical modalities, each offering its own unique perspective on healing.



May 23, 2024
The Mystery of Angelica & Healing Leaky Gut

The resilience embodied by Angelica inspires us to tap into our inner strength, helping us navigate life's challenges with unwavering determination. Additionally, its qualities of purification and protection cleanse us of negative energies, creating a sacred space for spiritual growth and clarity.

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The Alchemical Benefits of Elder

Elder, a revered botanical treasure, has long been celebrated for its multifaceted benefits to human health. Laden with potent antioxidants, elderberries, the fruit of the elder plant, stand as guardians against oxidative stress, inflammation, and a spectrum of ailments.

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What is an Alchemical Mandala?

An alchemical mandala is a symbolic representation of alchemical principles and processes expressed in a circular or geometric form. It incorporates alchemical symbols, imagery, and colors to convey spiritual and philosophical concepts related to transformation, purification, and the journey of the soul.

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Free Class: Magickal Garden Within

Magickal Garden Within is a transformative journey into the depths of Venusian archetypes and alchemical wisdom, inviting participants to explore the mystical connections between the inner landscape of the soul and the enchanting realms of nature.

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Uncovering Your Alchemical Constitution

In a world dominated by the mind, many are disconnected from their hearts, hindering their journey of self-discovery and perpetuating judgment, hate, disconnection, and dis-ease. Through solitude and inner reflection, it becomes evident that the heart holds a profound wisdom inaccessible to the busy mind, offering a quietness that requires tuning in and listening to truly understand oneself.

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Sacred Waters: Nurturing the Soul for a New World

Through a return to our inner garden and an embrace of elemental teachings, particularly the soul of water, readers are guided towards reclaiming personal responsibility and transforming water into a sacred force. By recognizing water as a fundamental ingredient for life and purifying its essence, the pathway to existence in a new paradigm is unveiled. 

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Alchemy: Turning Lead into Gold

In the alchemical journey of personal transformation, we delve into the mystical realm of turning lead into gold—not as a literal transmutation of metals, but as a metaphor for our own inner evolution. Rooted in ancient civilizations and steeped in symbolism, alchemy offers profound insights into the process of self-discovery and growth.

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Alchemy and Astrology

Alchemy and astrology serve as powerful tools for comprehending and transcending the intricacies of one's sacred being. Much like the rhythmic cycles inherent in all aspects of life, each individual possesses their unique rhythm and cycle. The initial 9 months spent in the womb, drawing nourishment from both the earthly mother and Mother Gaia, inevitably results in inherent weaknesses or deficiencies in the sacred temple. These deficiencies manifest in various forms, such as digestive issues, allergies, emotional disturbances, or mental struggles.

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Anger and The Group Mind

Often stigmatized as taboo, emotions are seen as either friends or enemies in this transformative method. By maturing the inner demons or decans, individuals learn compassion and foster a healthy relationship with their emotional landscape. Departing from the group mind mentality that deems certain emotions as toxic, this method advocates for embracing all aspects of oneself, unlocking hidden occult teachings and gifts. 

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Emotions Are a Healing Aid

In a society influenced by the suppression of emotions and an emphasis on perpetual positivity, there is a collective sickness that pervades the psyche of humanity. The neglect of our emotions, seen as an alert system, has led to severe damage to the human psyche. The esoteric technology of the human body, akin to a divine temple, reflects the truth even when the mind attempts to convince otherwise. The alchemical process of healing requires acknowledging and caring for these emotions, avoiding numbing strategies like drugs or distractions. 

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