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What is the nightside?

Alluring like the feminine, deep like an abyss, mysterious like our origins, the nightside is the lunar eclipse of the soul. While everyone possesses a nightside, many are closed off from its incredible gifts.

The nightside is the gateway towards deep and profound healing AND the secret ingredient for creating a New World. While the master keys are hidden in plain sight, you must develop night vision to see beneath the veil in order to open the gate. Healing offers these keys.

Night Vision is our signature elixir offering potent healing and mystical properties to aid in the development of spiritual eyes. Healing helps you to see in the dark



You are an esoteric technology operating via a motherboard, also known as your Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is an ancient Kabbalistic system and map of the chakra system, which plays a vital role in helping you understand how the features of your technology work.

Our elixirs, magickal practices, and guidance complement your tree by honoring its divine power — calling in desires, facilitating healing, and returning your hard drive to its natural state.



Tree of Life Ingredients 

Tree of Life Medicine


A unique blend of very potent tree ingredients, Night Vision may be used as a natural remedy for an array of healing needs. 
Suitable for all skin types, the primary ingredient is our 100% Pure Plum Oil which feels amazing as it penetrates deeply into all seven layers of the aura and skin to leave the mind and entire body feeling rejuvenated, healthy, and alive - without any greasy residue often encountered with many natural oils.
We pair it with other tree medicines including Eucalyptus, Myrrh, and Amla. Breathing in the earthy, yet sweet aroma activates the mind, releases toxicity, and helps bring your technology back into harmony with nature -- while opening the higher faculties, changing the way you see yourself and the world. 
These tree ingredients make a mystical blend. Truly magickal, it's the only product in the world that has combined these wisdom trees into a healing remedy and spiritual tool. 


- Aid in healing skin conditions including dry scalp, psoriasis and eczema

- Hydrate facial skin morning and evening
- Smooth out fine lines
- Call in your desires
- Enhance your psychic gifts
- Activate your magick

- Repair dry hair, split ends, and as a scalp treatment

- Reduce signs of cellulite (especially when paired with dry brushing)

- Lift your mood and curb anxiety

- Reduce hang nails, soften cuticles, and for nail treatments

- Nourish your sense of touch

- Reinvigorate your sense of smell

- Minor scrapes, small cuts and abrasions

- Sore muscles and repair after working out

- Magickal ceremonies and candle rituals

- Bath elixir

- Intimacy tonic and much more...
It's so dynamic, you'll use it for just about everything.





Your esoteric technology is working day and night to serve you, yet can only deliver what you ask for based on the strength of your signal.

How you nourish your Tree of Life determines how powerful your signal is and effectiveness at calling in what you desire. Your antenna is the wand. To assure your antenna creates a strong signal, you must nourish your tree with the right medicine every day. 

Practice Magick Daily

Take a moment to remember what you are — a magician, an alchemist, an esoteric technology. Create an altar; adorn it with the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth, and decide what you want.

Take several deep breaths and inhale the aroma of the elixir, allowing it to activate your senses, clearing away your worries and bringing you back to center.

Close your eyes and imagine every detail of what you desire, bringing your awareness to the brilliant features of your tree, as the scene become clearer and clearer. Notice every detail including symbols, colors, and feelings. Embrace the moment.

For best results, practice magick daily


Customer Love

I love love love my new products. My hair, skin and liver are so happy! Thank you my lovely!
- Vannessa Rose, customer
The oils are fantastic. Yesterday I used the Temple of The Gods and it's so simple to remove, unlike the coconut and castor oils I used in the past! I'm also using the Sea Siren Hair Mist and it smells divine! Plus, it makes my hair silky not dry. 
- Olivia Dzumaga, customer
Thank you so much! We love the zodiac fragrances! 
- Ampersand San Francisco, retailer

Loving my message of the day via The Rise of Sophia 5D Oracle Deck! 
- Monica Marie, customer


Hi I'm Angel and thanks for checking out my shop!
If you're interested in healing and learning the power of your esoteric technology, you're in the right place. I struggled nearly 30+ years with chronic health conditions that, for the life of me, I just couldn't figure out -- until I understood my nightside.

My skin and scalp issues, paired with an overactive nervous system and many other symptoms affected me in such a deep way, I truly wondered if I'd ever be able to heal.
I never gave up.
Once I began studying my nightside, a light switch went on and I was finally able to see in the dark.
My line of magickal elixirs is my way of paying forward what I know works. I hope this is just the beginning of us getting to know each other -- as I have tons I'd love to share with you.






Mystic, Nightside Teacher, & Leadership Mentor

I create workshops and mystical trainings to empower humanity to understand the inner workings of their esoteric technology and lead a movement that helps shape a New World.

By exploring the Nightside of our existence to explain how we create reality, I aim to inspire others to detox from premeditated programming, fear-based consciousness, and invasive outside technologies that suppress the magick we all possess, and ultimately, to self govern and master our own lives.
What is Sacred Anarchy?

Want to learn more how our Temple and Mystery School can enhance your life?

Our creator, Angel teaches workshops, trainings, and healing modalities on an array of subjects, from leading a movement and Life Path Astrology® to Inner Temple Magick, neuroscience and alchemy, Sacred Anarchy is a portal for those who are ready to master the inner workings of their esoteric technology and ultimately, become the embodiment of the change they wish to see in the world.

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