Life Path Astrology Reading® with Cristina Jerez

Life Path Astrology® is a powerful tool to help answer some of your biggest questions around your life path and soul's work. In this private 1:1 reading, Cristina will answer your questions around your life path to help you gracefully move through soul contracts using Astrology. 
This is a private reading. Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF with a link to schedule your reading along with information she'll need to run your astrological birthchart.

• What life challenges you came here to work through that will lead you to your Divine Mission!

• What your natural gifts + abilities are so you can use them strategically to create a soul-based business around your Soul's Brilliance

• What problem you came here to help solve and how to heal your karmic debts
• What Ancestral Gifts you came here with and how to use them in your work

• Who your Kismet Client® is and what they are desperately searching answers for

• What products + services to offer your Kismet Clients® so they keep coming back for more

What your “secret sauce” is and when/how to pull it out of your hat at just the right time

• The key to your staying motivated to build your soul-based business so you never want to give up! 
Cristina lovingly remind others of their own vitality through esoteric knowledge, spiritual cleanses and body empowerment. Even though Cristina is a very grounded earth mama, she loves to dive deep and consciously dream. Dream work is her soul work, and she loves to bring light to all the dark places within us.

"Cristina is an incredible sensitive and intuitive reader. All the information which she articulated with poise and confidence was spot on it was as if she knew me, I was left in awe of her power and afterwards felt empowered to continue with my soul journey armed with the wisdom and clarity she’d given me. I would thoroughly recommend her." -Astraea

"Cristina’s reading was on point and help me solidify what I have known but resisted. She gave me insight to how I needed to be in order to thrive in this lifetime. She helped me understand the reason for the resistance I am feeling based on my birth chart. More importantly she gave me a North Star to guide my path. With her reading my life became more clear. I would recommend her to anyone seeking more clarity." -Kim

"In only a short reading, Cristina gave me such valuable information that validated many of my thoughts and feelings, but more importantly helped me to find a direction in the purpose I was only slightly grasping at. The Life Path Astrology reading was invaluable, Cristina so lovingly accurately picked up on what my challenges for greater fulfillment in life and in my work. I would highly recommend a reading with Cristina!" -Kirstie

♡ To learn more about Angel's Life Path Astrology® methodology using your astrological birthchart as an incredible tool to build a soul-based business, please check out the Life Path Astrology® Podcast available on iTunes and Spotify.
♡ Want to become a certified Life Path Astrology Reader®? Click here.



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