Mystic Mirror Personal Reading

The Mystic Mirror Reading is a sacred, highly personalized service that offers profound insights and direction for your specific concerns.
Delivered in PDF format, this comprehensive reading will shed light on the problem you're facing, give you new perspective, and provide you with two distinct outcomes to choose from, empowering you to make the best decisions for your unique journey.

=> Are you seeking guidance, answers, or a deeper understanding of a challenge life has presented to you?
=> Is there a goal, desire, or objective that you've been working towards calling, but has yet to show up in the manifest world?
Whether you're looking for insight on a personal matter, health-related issue, or awareness around growing your movement or business, the Mystic Mirror Reading is a personal reading created specifically for YOU.


Insight into Your Problem:

Through the Mystic Mirror Reading, Angel will delve deep into the heart of the matter. Whether your question is about love, career, family, or any aspect of your life, Angel will provide a detailed analysis of the situation. The reading will reveal the underlying dynamics, emotions, and circumstances at play, offering you a comprehensive understanding of the issue.

Guidance for Problem Resolution:

The reading is not just about identifying the problem; they are about finding practical solutions. The Mystic Mirror Reading will provide suggestions, strategies, and recommendations to help you address and resolve the issue at hand.
Angel's guidance is rooted in the wisdom of the Tarot and other divinatory practices, offering you a holistic approach to problem-solving.

Identification of Aggravating Factors:

To effectively address a problem, you must understand what is exacerbating it. The Mystic Mirror Reading will pinpoint the key elements that may be hindering the situation, helping you to navigate around potential pitfalls and challenges.

Two Possible Outcomes:

One of the unique features of the Mystic Mirror Reading is that it doesn't just present you with a single path; it provides you with two distinct outcomes.
Each outcome is thoughtfully explored and laid out for you to consider. This empowers you to make a choice that resonates with your inner wisdom and intuition. You are the author of your destiny, and our readings provide you with the tools to decide what path is best for you.


Submit Your Question Upon CHECKOUT (write your question in the "ADD ORDER NOTE" upon checkout). Be specific enough for Angel to understand what you are asking, but ask in such a way that best represents the outcome you desire. (see image in this listing)

* What do I need to better understand with regards to (problem you want solved), so I can (intended goal).
* How can I better achieve (problem you want solved), so I can (intended goal).
* Why is (problem you want solved) so difficult to solve, when all I want is (intended goal).

Personalized PDF Printable:

Within the specified timeframe (see below), you will receive a personalized PDF of your reading that you can print, read over, and refer back to. This document will contain an in-depth analysis of your issue, guidance on how to approach it, and the two possible outcomes for you to choose from.

AFTER you receive the reading and have read through all of it...

Reflect on the Reading:

Take some time to contemplate the insights, guidance, and recommendations provided in your Mystic Mirror Reading. Consider how they relate to your current situation and the choices you have to make.

Integrate the Guidance:

Act on the recommendations and perspectives outlined in the reading. Apply the insights to your life, making the necessary changes and adjustments to address the issue at hand.

Choose Your Path:

Evaluate the two possible outcomes carefully, keeping in mind your values, goals, and intuition. Select the outcome that resonates most with you, as this will become the focus of your journey ahead.

Discover the magick of the Mystic Mirror Reading and embark on your personalized journey to clarity and insight today. With the Mystic Mirror Reading in hand, you'll be equipped with the wisdom and clarity you need to take confident steps forward, whether in love, life, or any area of concern.

Additional resources and recommendations may also be included.

20+ page PDF
♡ Reading is delivered as PDF printable. Readings are prepared on Fridays. If you place your order on a Friday, please expect it by the following Friday.



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