Know Thyself: Tree of Life Dragon Report

Introducing "Know Thyself - Tree of Life Dragon Report," a personalized exploration of your Tree of Life based on your Draconic Astrological Birth Chart. This insightful report delves into the core of your being (your Soul), offering profound insights into various aspects of your inner self.
The report covers an array of essential elements, unveiling the emotional connections you crave, your soul's aspirations, and the true projection of yourself in the world.
It delves into your appearance, self-expression, self-love, internal essence, soul exploration, driving forces, taboo aspects, growth opportunities, and the unique facets of your true self. Understanding your Divine Self and what resides in "the void" further adds depth to this introspective journey.
In addition to your personal report, in this comprehensive package you'll also receive a diagram of your Tree of Life, enhancing your understanding of its symbolic representation of your Dragon. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and cosmic insights with "Know Thyself."
Delivered in PDF format, this comprehensive reading will shed light on:

- What emotional connecting you crave or need
- What your soul wants to accomplish
- What you truly project out in the world
- What you 'look like'
- How you express yourself
- How you show yourself love
- What you "look like" on the inside
- How your soul explores
- What truly drives you
- What are the taboo parts of your self
- What you need to grow stronger
- What are the oddities of your true self
- A description of your Divine Self and what ends up in "the void"

The Tree of Life is a map of consciousness and this reading reflects your inner world your true soul's energy or internal energy based on your Dragon.

The Draconian Tradition, often associated with Dragon Magick or Draconian Magick, is a mystical and esoteric system that involves the exploration of dragon energies and symbolism in spiritual practices.

+ It draws upon the archetype of dragons, mythical creatures revered in various cultures for their wisdom, power, and connection to the elements. Think of your dragon as a spiritual guide, helping you to better understand your internal landscapes.

The head of the dragon is the North Node and the tail of the dragon is the South Node.

All north and south nodes placements within the Draconic Birthchart will be the same for everyone AND the placements of your zodiacal signs will different from traditional sidereal or tropical birth charts.

+ This is because we are looking at your map of consciousness from a different perspective -- instead of the Sun, we will look at your chart through the perspective of the Lunar Nodes, which are located in the inverse of Yesod in the Qliphoth or Nightside of Eden.

At the heart of dragon astrology lies the head of the dragon, representing the North Node in traditional astrology. The head of the dragon is a point in the sky where the moon's orbit intersects the ecliptic, symbolizing the soul's evolutionary path.
In dragon astrology, this point signifies one's karmic mission and life purpose, offering insights into the individual's spiritual journey and growth.

Conversely, the tail of the dragon, akin to the South Node in traditional astrology, symbolizes the shadow aspects and past experiences.
It represents the lessons and challenges an individual brings from past lives, providing a roadmap for personal transformation and growth by acknowledging and transcending these patterns.

Dragon astrology distinguishes itself from sidereal and tropical astrology through its emphasis on the draconic zodiac, which aligns with the orbital nodes of the moon. While tropical astrology is tied to the vernal equinox and sidereal astrology considers fixed star positions, dragon astrology centers on the moon's nodes.
This unique perspective allows practitioners to focus on the soul's journey and cosmic influences that shape one's spiritual destiny.

* Also included is a diagram of your Tree of Life.
Submit Your Astrological Birth information Upon CHECKOUT (write your question in the "ADD ORDER NOTE" upon checkout). Be sure to include your date of birth, time of birth, city/state/country of birth. 
Personalized PDF Printable:
Within the specified timeframe (see below), you will receive a personalized PDF of your reading that you can print, read over, and refer back to. This document will contain an in-depth analysis of your Dragon as well as a Tree of Life Diagram of WHO YOU ARE.
AFTER you receive the report and have read through all of it...
Reflect on the Report:
Take some time to contemplate the insights, guidance, and recommendations provided in your Tree of Life Dragon Report. Consider how each perspective relates to who you identify as and who you really are.
Integrate the Guidance:
Act on the recommendations and perspectives outlined in the report. Self-Contemplate and feel into your soul, making the necessary changes and adjustments to address any incongruencies or shadows at hand. 
Additional resources and recommendations may also be included.
85+ page PDF + Tree of Life Diagram
♡ Report is delivered as PDF printable. Reports are prepared on Fridays and may take up to 14 days to receive -- or longer if you forget to include your birth information at checkout.



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