The Occult Secrets of Healing

In our quest for health and wellness, we often find ourselves navigating a complex landscape of medical modalities, each offering its own unique perspective on healing.



May 23, 2024
Undines: The Elementals of Water

The undines are revered as ethereal entities deeply connected to the fluidity and depths of aquatic environments, holding sway over rivers, lakes, oceans, and even the waters within our own bodies. In this article, we will explore the realm of undines to explore their symbolism, significance, and impact on our lives.

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The Only Master is the Heart

Wisdom, rooted in the heart's knowing, is seen as essential for effective magick, as it dispels doubt and leads to genuine experiences. The key to this transformation lies in deep learning, questioning, and embodiment, all processes guided by the heart. 

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Gnomes: The Elemental of Earth

As we embark on our journey of natural healing and self-discovery, let us remember the wisdom of the ancient Elementals and their guardianship over the earth. By honoring the Elemental forces and respecting the delicate balance of nature, we can navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience.

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The Illusion of Success

Magick is strictly reserved for those doing their True Will and no one’s True Will is to manipulate the minds of man because True Will is tied to our Higher Faculties and when you access these higher faculties your motivations are always for the greater good.

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The Magician's Quest for Truth

The magician's quest is for Truth and the rejection of beliefs in favor of direct knowledge. With the introduction to the concept of the "real trivium" as a process of acquiring knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to uncover one's true Divine Will, the magician is required to face discomfort, confronting programmed beliefs, and embracing the unknown.

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The Path of the Magician

The path of the magician is an internal journey of recalibrating the subconscious mind, distinct from waiting for external signs or spiritual experiences. Unlike those who seek confirmation or validation, a true magician embodies the elements and understands that the universe is a field governed by Natural Law. Living in alignment with Natural Law means not seeking signs but having a deep knowing of one's Divine Will. Magick, in this context, is not learned through external sources but is an internal gnosis. 

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The Ego, The Will, and Magick

Unlock the secrets of your divine purpose through the practice of magick. Discover the profound connection between magick and the strengthening of one's Will. Your Will, synonymous with your divine purpose, holds the key to your destiny. The futility of forcing or faking one's Will, as it inevitably leads to dissatisfaction and unfulfillment. Working with ego, rather than aligning with the Will, is highlighted as a common pitfall, resulting in a perpetual sense of wanting more.

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Desire vs True Desire

When you release "desire", your Divine Will is shown to you which then births a new kind of Desire: To KNOW THYSELF. You can self-diagnose your level of “knowing thyself” by taking a closer look at what you desire. Desire is the key that will open the doors that were once closed.

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