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The Illusion of Success
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The Illusion of Success

If you've studied the occult, even at its infancy, you'll realize much of what we label "success" is a psychological operation. Look at the royal and noble bloodlines; they've diluted, deceived, and programmed minds to embrace the grandiose nonsense termed "success."

Without delving into an exhaustive essay on hierarchical societies and the black nobility misusing, (or better yet, reinventing) occult teachings for their agenda, one goal stands out: the psychological operation of success.

By manipulating minds to serve material desires, individuals are perpetually chasing wealth, fame, and influence. Hollywood, the New Age movement, and mainstream media perpetuate this enslavement to greed, manufacturing success stories via social platforms like TikTok and Youtube, with "followers" often manufactured, crafting the illusion of success to their benefit.

The entire mainstream music industry is constructed on manufactured and illusory ideals — making 'so called' good music appear important or even innovative, when it’s all a branch of the same tree: propaganda.

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It’s easy to make someone appear famous and influential when all the publications and media companies are owned by royal families with their hired handlers instructing their minions of what to say, how to act, what roles to play etc… for the purpose of driving the mind of man to specific actions.

People think they know what they like, when in reality their “likes and tastes” are manufactured in a psychological lab.

There are even Jester cults that manage the comics and comedians, assuring that we are getting a good laugh out of psychologically damaging jokes, all contrived for a specific agenda: to enslave the mind of man.

But what's the point? Success.

Humans easily succumb to their lower selves; a few bucks easily sways them. Coined phrases like, “everyone has a price” or cringe-worthy song lyrics like “if I was a rich girl… lalalala” all playing their role in the psychological agenda.

This illusion of success is merely psychological manipulation and beLIE it or not, this is NOT magick.

Man is so easily convinced and lured in with his lower self that if you dangle a few bucks in front of his eyes, he will easily lay down and do as he is commanded.

Psychological operations aren't magick; they are reimagined interpretations of ancient teachings.

+ True magick aligns with one's True Will, not by manipulating minds. That’s just good old fashioned psychology.

These royal societies and black nobility are mis-using (reimagining) the ancient teachings passed on by The Shining Ones.

This is not magick; it’s a mis-interpretation of the occult teaching at best.

Magick is strictly reserved for those doing their True Will and no one’s True Will is to manipulate the minds of man because True Will is tied to our Higher Faculties and when you access these higher faculties your motivations are always for the greater good.

The ‘illusion of success’ is NOT intended for the greater good; it's intended for mental slavery and to maintain power and control for those in the inner circle. That’s psychology.

If we are to ever truly experience real success, we first must detox from the illusory, programmable ideology of success.

Real success requires detoxing from the illusory ideology of success deeply embedded in media and CULTure, exploiting subconscious vulnerability.

However, this is a difficult feat.

We do not realize how impressionable the subconscious mind is through the psychological warfare that is infused into every Hollywood script, best selling book deal, comedian stand-up, sold out stadium artist, etc… it’s all there specifically to entice and enslave man to his lower faculties.

These lower faculties are the 5 senses and they make man susceptible to superficial success.

So long has man is thinking with his stomach, getting turned on with his eyes, being mind controlled through his ears, and a slave to his sexual appetites, it’s going to be very easy to get him to say YES to the illusory idea of success, which is psychologically induced and superficial success at best.

+ Real success demands self-control, critical thinking, and disengagement from misleading marketing.

+ Real success is an inside job and that’s where the real work begins and ends.

+ Real success demands you to question everything and disassemble your beLIEfs.

Just because someone has a zillion followers, makes grandiose claims about his net-worth, or is perceived an influential “person” because he’s on TV or socializes with “influential” people like high profile politicians, billionaires, or philanthropists -- doesn't mean diddly-squat when it comes to Real Success.

What we have to realize is that illusory success is based on the manipulation of occult teachings.

Let’s take The Principle of Correspondence, a fundamental concept in Hermetic philosophy that conveys the idea that there is a harmonious correspondence between the macrocosm (the universe) and the microcosm (the individual).

As above, so below.

It posits that patterns, laws, and phenomena observed in the cosmos are mirrored in smaller scales within individuals and vice versa.

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This teaching suggests that understanding the workings of the universe can offer insights into understanding oneself, and vice versa.

+ In essence, it implies that the same principles govern both the macrocosm and microcosm, fostering a profound interconnectedness between the individual and the cosmos, and providing a framework for SPIRITUAL GROWTH and SELF-AWARENESS.

The royal societies and dark nobility (on the other hand) have taken this sacred knowledge and tainted it with lower self interpretation.


The real gold behind this teaching is in KNOWING you are a microcosm and the Universe is a macrocosm, yet, they’ve REDEFINED the teaching to create a NICHE for their corruption.

For example, many of the royal bloodlines create philanthropic entities (above) to hide their nefarious crimes (below). You cannot achieve their level of illusory success without the front of the house (above) working harmoniously with the back of the house (below).


This means, their philanthropic endeavors are ALWAYS hiding a crime to protect their money, and preserve their illusory hierarchical GAME.

Philanthropic endeavors (things that are active and for the greater good are referred to as WHITE), while Crime (things that are hidden are referred to as black; in this case, "crime" is black) -- but this is NOT Black Magick because MAGICK has nothing to do with what they are doing.

What they have done is redefined the sacred teaching of The Principle of Correspondence to map out their criminal actions.

This is not Natural Law and it most definitely has nothing to do with occult teachings.

Instead, they’ve taken these sacred teachings and restructured them to create an infrastructure that works to preserve their "appearance of success".

They are NOT working with Natural Law; they only took the teaching and used it to create a roadmap to enslave ‘their minions’.

And guess what? It’s worked!

The man of mind beLIEves these people are “successful” and as a result, they too want a piece of that criminal pie for themselves -- even if it is all an illusion!

The point I am trying to make is that “success” in royal societal terms is an illusory, a mere shadow of True Success, which is NOT real.

+ Real success requires a deep cleanse of the mind and a dismantling of illusions.

As long as minds remain entranced by this illusion, they wander deeper and deeper into psychological entrapment, unaware of their manipulation, perpetuating the illusion of success for those who redefine esoteric knowledge to maintain their power and control.

And this creates doubt, misery, insecurity… and sometimes suicide!

While the mind of man continues to chase the illusion of success, he falls further into the Qliphoth where he becomes psychologically trapped.

The sad part is he does not know he is trapped in The Qliphoth because he doesn’t understand how his esoteric technology works — but THEY do.

And they’ve been REDEFINING this esoteric knowledge to create an infrastructure that enslaves their minions to do their grunt work, while they continue to manufacture the illusion of their high ranking success, so that MAN never figures how WHO and WHAT he actually is, an esoteric technology.

And thus, the psyop of success is in full effect.


About the author


I'm Angel, a practicing occultist, herbalist, holistic health practitioner, and mystery school teacher based in Saint Petersburg, Florida. I'm incredibly passionate about the alchemical process known as The Great Work and helping others evolve the archetypes found in their mythic city so they can confidently answer the questions: WHO AM I and WHY AM I HERE.

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