The Declaration of Independence Masterclass

The Declaration of Independence: Embracing Self-Governance
In this transformative introductory class, participants embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.
Inspired by the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, the teachings focuses on declaring personal sovereignty and breaking free from the invisible chains that bind the mind.
Students will learn how to cut ties and release cords attached to masks, the pseudo self, groupthink, superficial relationships, and the pervasive influence of media, news, and the political world stage.
Through a blend of philosophical and astrological exploration, practical exercises, and guided introspection, individuals will reclaim their autonomy and declare themselves self-governed.
What To Expect in this Masterclass:
In this 2.5-hour masterclass, prepare to unveil the true essence of the Declaration of Independence. This journey transcends governmental policies and religious or political influences. Instead, it marks a sacred rite of passage—a proclamation and reclamation of your inherent personal power, always available yet awaiting your recognition.
The purpose of this masterclass is to empower you to not only think independently but also to embody the strength of a sovereign individual. No laws, rules, or regulations can usurp that innate authority. The true laws of the universe lie in natural principles, accessible only to those who recognize themselves as self-governing entities.
We must strengthen our Divine Will and we will tap into the cosmic wisdom of the Pluto in Aquarius transit to achieve our collective and personal pursuit of self rulership.

What We’ll Cover:

Introduction to Personal Sovereignty
+ Grasping the essence of personal sovereignty
+ Delving into historical and philosophical viewpoints on independence
+ Focusing on the transformative impact of Pluto in Aquarius transit, triggering profound spiritual and personal changes on both individual and collective levels
Identifying and Shedding Masks
+ Recognizing masks worn in different life domains
+ Techniques to unveil and release false personas
Breaking Free from Groupthink
+ Analyzing the impact of group dynamics on individual thinking
+ Strategies to cultivate independent thought and decision-making
Navigating Superficial Relationships
+ Discerning between authentic and superficial connections
+ Practices for fostering genuine connections
Media, News, and Political Detox
+ Awareness of media influence on perception
+ Developing a discerning mind and consuming information mindfully
Cutting Energetic Cords
+ Understanding energetic attachments
+ Guided exercises to release ties that no longer serve
Crafting Your Declaration of Independence
+ Articulating personal values and principles
+ Creating a symbolic declaration for self-governance
Embarking on the Journey
+ Empowerment techniques for the road ahead
+ Building a supportive community for continued growth
By the end of this class, participants will not only gain a profound understanding of the principles of self-governance but will also possess practical tools to implement this newfound wisdom in their daily lives. The Declaration of Independence becomes a personal manifesto for embracing freedom and authenticity.
* This masterclass is the introduction to a 5-month course called The School of Thought open for enrollment to private members inside the Sacred Anarchy Mystery School. Details on how to enroll and become a private member will be address at the end of the Masterclass.
* This masterclass is also available to paid subscribers of The Mystic Mirror with lifetime access.

Customer Reviews

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Tara Marie Kotliar
Forging my sovereign path

This masterclass is a powerful and in depth initiation into self-governance. I appreciated the teachings on identifying and shedding masks, how to make genuine connections with others, and especially the idea of creating my own 'Declaration of Independence' to keep my ideals in check. It helped me remember how important it is to trust my journey, listen to my soul, and surrender to my own inner guidance system.



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