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What Is The Occult?
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What Is The Occult?

Though 'the occult' is commonly used as an adjective meaning hidden or concealed, when I refer to The Occult, I am using it as a noun to describe a “field of study” that holds significant purpose in unlocking the secrets to life.

When studying The Occult, an esoteric comprehension of our complex world and individual existence, things start to unravel..

Yet, even after studying sacred symbols, perusing esoteric literature, and visiting ancient sites, understanding The Occult still remains elusive. Yes, even to the most scholarly.


Because The Occult is not just about what is hidden; its objective is the attainment of “night vision” — when man has learned how to apply esoteric knowledge to his once superficial reality.

Essentially, The Occult is an invitation to explore the unseen, our inner world, something that blossoms within as you open the doors to your Mythic City.

Yet even with its lofty spiritual syllabus, The Occult is burdened with preconceived notions of being taboo, scary, demonic, or dark. And this is where the irony sets in.

The Occult reveals the path to the light.

It's the lack of light within the individual that labels The Occult scary or ‘the work of the devil’.

It’s a lack self reflection that buries “the occult” in these stereotypes, as most refuse to open doors to their own abyss and meet their mythic companions that dwell beneath the surface.

To get to heart of The Occult, you must swim in the abyss, and no one can do it for you. And reading all the occult books or watching videos about hidden information does not mean one has swam in the Abyss.

When you immerse yourself in The Occult keys to new portals within your psyche are given that open doors to deeper levels of consciousness.

+ As a result, spiritual eyes or “night vision” are developed.

This is why the field of study known as The Occult is feared and controversial — seeking to find the light even through the darkest of waters can be a terrifying act for the ego who desires to remain in control.

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As I prepare to open the doors to The Occult Chateau, a brick-and-mortar shop here in Saint Petersburg, Florida, I am immersed in the Abyss contemplating the profound meaning of this establishment.

What I have uncovered is that this is not merely a retail shop of sorts; it's a manifestation of WHO I AM.

And while most “business folks” would advise I identify my ideal customer and buy merchandise to meet their preferences, what they cannot “see” if that this shop is not a commercial venture.

It's a self-portrait of my inner landscape, the physical representation of my metaphysical matrix. It is my Will.

I am not merely “selling” elixirs, antiques, books or clothing; that’s just Strawman talk.

Instead, what you’ll find there, are fractals of WHO I AM. These are the offerings that helped me develop and grow my own Tree of Life. My intention to help others connect to their own tree or humanness and sacrifice their commercial existence.

These are the things I Care most about and what I wish to share with my fellow human beings.

To discover who you are, your Will, is an incredible feat — a rite of passage. It doesn't matter who appreciates your art or shops at your store when you've found yourself amidst the odds. This is the greatest reward, treasure, or payment anyone could ever expect to receive — because to KNOW THYSELF offers the ultimate return on investment.

It offers salvation, self liberation.

Few people weave their “careers” into a reflection of their deepest core. They focus on money, influence, or security — yet this will always lead to lack of fulfillment and the constant itch for more.

However, if you move past these superficial (and commercial) programs and base your life’s work on honoring your individuality and knowing that WHO YOU ARE is The Gold, well… that's when you truly comprehend the definition of The Occult.


About the author


I'm Angel, a practicing occultist, herbalist, holistic health practitioner, and mystery school teacher based in Saint Petersburg, Florida. I'm incredibly passionate about the alchemical process known as The Great Work and helping others evolve the archetypes found in their mythic city so they can confidently answer the questions: WHO AM I and WHY AM I HERE.

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