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Morality: Earning The Soul
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Morality: Earning The Soul

Most people are moral relativists and solipsists because they do not know thyself. They do not know their own moral code.

As we explored in Module 4 of The School of Thought Workshop, your moral code connects you to your Soul.

In Qabalah, the soul is earned.

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If you break your moral code, you experience an array of undesirable emotions, ailments, and mental anguish — though most do not think of their moral code when experiencing these things.

🔑That is because their moral code has not been brought to light.

Instead, they adopt a moral code found in a book or adopted from someone else.

But each of us has a moral code and it is developed through our life lessons and even past life lessons.

A moral code is attached to the soul of the individual; it is how you keep yourself “in check”. But it takes courage to live in such a way.

Moral relativism is the default program that stands in place of one’s moral code when it’s not been developed or has been ignored.

This is why we see so many soapbox people spewing the words of another in the hopes they will appear morally superior.

However, that is the ego talking.

Morale is an inside job that is developed in the higher faculties.

It requires a deep look into the psyche to uncover a “discipline” and our unwavering “generosity and compassion” that naturally exists within us.

Moral code belongs to the spheres of Geburah + Chesed, or specifically the throat chakra.

… this is why those living within their own moral code have authentic voices; it’s not so much *what* they say, but how their messages are felt and received.

This is the inherent power of an earned soul. The soul makes a greater impact on others because the energy of the soul is felt deeply.

I’d love the opportunity to share with you how to uncover your own moral code so you can stop breaking it and creating unnecessary suffering for yourself.

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🐍 Developing a school of thought is a sacred rite of passage and I look forward to helping you discover yourself. Let’s give morality a new badge of honor — it’s truly lacking in the world today.


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I'm Angel, a practicing occultist, herbalist, holistic health practitioner, and mystery school teacher based in Saint Petersburg, Florida. I'm incredibly passionate about the alchemical process known as The Great Work and helping others evolve the archetypes found in their mythic city so they can confidently answer the questions: WHO AM I and WHY AM I HERE.

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