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You Are Science
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You Are Science

When you can wrap your head around what the Qliphoth actually represents, you won’t be afraid of the Nightside or the microscopic (or microcosmic) world.

My chief aim for the next 12 months is to Introduce you to your Mythic City, so you can build a relationship with your Dragon (or serpent with 2 heads) — known by the ancients as the double helix or the language of DNA.

This is how the shamans communicate with spirits and how plant medicine communicates with us for the purpose of healing.

Inside the Inner Temple Magick Academy, we work with identifying your soul plants by getting you familiar with to this “invisible and microscopic world”.

Once you realize you are an incredible technology that possesses intelligence that can be developed and nourished by opening your higher faculties and “speaking with spirits” your world will change.

🔑This is achieved through the coherence of the masculine and feminine parts of the brain, the integration of your higher and lower faculties, and the wisdom and knowledge the skeleton key unlocks to unseen knowledge. (Ankh)

This is what the dragon guards — this new found knowledge only available to those initiated. This is the path of the magician, who is able to heal himself and help guide others towards healing too.

I will be diving deeper into these subjects to familiarize you with the qliphothic tree and its incredible discoveries that lay dormant in the average person — just waiting for the sacred key to enlighten.


About the author


I'm Angel, a practicing occultist, herbalist, holistic health practitioner, and mystery school teacher based in Saint Petersburg, Florida. I'm incredibly passionate about the alchemical process known as The Great Work and helping others evolve the archetypes found in their mythic city so they can confidently answer the questions: WHO AM I and WHY AM I HERE.

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